The Success

In less than a year we have established ourselves in eight countries and taught over 10000 students, set up successful Unit Franchisee Centers and appointed Master franchisee partners to support them. We have proven our business model and created thriving entrepreneurs over and over again. All this without even a single money spent on advertisements. Yes, you heard it right! It was always the results that spoke for us and it is always going to be that way. In fact, most of our franchisees are either referred by an existing TAI franchisee or were a parent or staff of TAI themselves!

Become a part of the success story of an Emerging International Education Brand today!

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TAI’s History

Started with a hope to make studies easier by a fourteen year old school girl, it took us over ten years of painstaking research work since 2004 to build a curriculum that is so comprehensive that every single doubt of a student is cleared by the time he reaches the advanced levels but yet so simply designed that a student of fourth grade solves eleventh standard trigonometry problems and solve physics proofs without even realizing that he is doing something extraordinary! The success of this program led to the first TAI Center, which was opened in India in 2011. After much success in India, TAI came to other parts of Asia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Democratic Republic of Congo and North America. Today TAI continues to expand its franchise operations worldwide.

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Why invest in Education?

“Invest in a recession free sector”

Education is one of the most recession free sectors you can possibly invest in. In tough times like these education is the last place where people cut their budgets and more so in school education as parents are aware that the school years are the most crucial period for their child as these are the years where the foundation is built for their lifetime. Therefore any compromise in these years is a compromise for life. The growing $ 4 billion after school learning program market only in the US shows that education will be the hottest 5 sectors to invest in the next 10 years.

Top Reasons to start a after school learning center

  • High degree of satisfaction as you are building a rock solid foundation for so many children’s lives
  • A fun & positive work environment
  • Easy Work Timings (Three hours every evening on the weekdays and Full time in the weekends)
  • Huge market covering the entire K-12 spectrum, teachers, tutors, subject help and extra curriculum in schools
  • No credit business- All cash
  • No extra staff, material, library, stock maintenance
  • Low Overheads in rents, salaries & optional AC costs
  • No fancy equipments, investments, furniture required.
  • One on one personal subject help offering multiple income streams from the same student
  • Additional monthly recurring income from school tie ups, summer & winter camps, etc
  • Comprehensive support in marketing and implementation for the entire tenure of franchising
  • No stress of unsold inventory & wastages
  • Low real estate cost – prime commercial location not required

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TAI Advantage

  • Highly experienced and award winning Management.
  • Owned and managed by family of educationists, Globally renowned entrepreneurs & MBAs who are all just a phone call away
  • Continuity in relationships as there is a direct relationship with the management
  • Very easy business model
  • Very fast and high return on investment (400%)
  • A Culture of trust & faith strongly grounded in deep rooted values
  • In just 2 years the company has started its operations in eight countries with our international country franchisees – a proven brand
  • India’s No.1 brain & personality development brand with 40+ branches built in 2 years
  • National recognition in the World Schools Resourses conglomerate
  • Scientifically designed & up to date curriculum that has six years of research that went behind it
  • World class Quality assured
  • Best Product in India Award for Technology and Sustainable Development by IIT Bombay
  • Listed as the top 5 Fastest Growing Student Entrepreneurship Ventures in the world by EO GSEA
  • Already implemented in top schools across India & Abroad
  • No hidden costs, margins, kickbacks - no false promises
  • Multiple avenues of earnings – far more lucrative with lesser investments and efforts than pre schools, activity centers, tutorial centers etc
  • International quality Hi Tech classrooms and learning systems at an unbelievable price

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TAI’s Community Impact

This is not just a business where you just collect money against products. But this is a business where you get a chance to discover a genius every single day. Everytime a child is nurtured and slowly as his best self comes out and as you successfully instill in him the leadership qualities at a very young age, you know that these are going to impact for generations ahead. To create an impact is the real challenge of TAI and we change the world of education for children each and every day

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Emotional Return

Make a Difference with Personal Learning

If you’re looking for greater purpose in your career, what better way to achieve it than by owning a TAI franchise?

Yes, your franchise can help children celebrate getting the right answers and tackling new challenges. But just as important, you’ll savor all the small moments:

  • The big smile you’ll see on a little boy’s face when he reads aloud with confidence.
  • Watching the light bulb come on when a teenage girl understands an algebra problem.
  • The heart-felt “thank you” from parents who’ve watched their child grow into a confident young adult who enjoys learning.

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Inspiring Children To Succeed

After working with thousands of children worldwide, we have noticed that it is not true that children hate to study. In fact, children loves to know more and study more about what they already know. But what they actually hate is the revisions and repetitions they have to endure in order to remember what they have studied. Let how hard they study there is hardly an improvement in performance. TAI is the essential link to keeping children engaged and achieving at their fullest potential. When children are inspired they want to go that extra mile to perform at their best.

When you become a part of the TAI family you get all the necessary tools to change this forever. Every day, you’ll wake up with the knowledge you’re changing the course of children’s lives by adding fun and excitement to learning, while transforming n an successful entrepreneur yourself.

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A Proven Business Model

You are not alone nor do you have to reinvent the wheel

As a TAI Business Partner, you are part of the team that is focused on supporting your learning center with the best. We will provide you with the right training, tools, guidance and consultancy services so that you can concentrate on developing the business in your community while we provide you all the support for it. We are constantly improving and updating our systems with the best available international concepts and have fine tuned tools that you will need to ensure your success in this project. Student materials are continually reviewed, updated and supplied to remain current. There will be a single point of contact for all your set up needs.

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