Best in class Training

When you invest in a TAI franchise, you join a culture that supports your ongoing growth and development. Our training program includes:

Center Management Support

TAI always ensures that a franchisee doesnt feel all alone when it comes to managing the TAI center. We keep phone conferences, regular skype calls to discuss and set targets and strategies for every month and then we provide our franchisees with every tool required to give the best customer service in their community. Student materials are continually reviewed, updated and supplied to remain current. There has never been a better time to become a TAI Franchisee, as BGenius India is now embarking on the most aggressive marketing and franchisee support program in its history.

Material Support

Franchisees receive the tools they need to run their franchises - our custom designed books, curriculum plans, lesson plans, important circulars & notices, support material for functions, celebrations and shared learning from other centers are just some of the materials that are constantly provided to all our franchises. Other than that they receive brochures, leaflets, admission forms, vouchers, receipt books, student kits, certificates, classwise scripts etc.

TAI franchisees also enjoy a fully packed marketing kit comprising of hoarding material, Glowsign screen, advertisement boards, canopee, standees, T-shirts, pens, etc.

TAI franchisees also enjoy a fully packed marketing kit comprising of hoarding material, Glowsign screen, advertisement boards, canopee, standees, T-shirts, pens, etc.

Advertising & Promotion

We work with you to execute highly professional, cost efficient and effective marketing efforts - all in step with TAI's dynamic image. All our franchisees have access to professionally prepare advertising, promotional and marketing material. Material include designs for prospectuses, brochures, newspaper advertisements, direct mailing advertising, public relations material, leaflets, banners, cable advertising etc. All this material produced over the last 2 years is geared to produce results and give our franchisees a competitive edge above the rest.

Download Franchisee Packages for the complete list

Business Consultancy

As a TAI Franchisee, you can count on the backing of our support teams from our leading education group to our franchisee growth consultants. You enjoy the best Download Franchisee Packages for the complete list of both worlds: you can excel as an independent business owner while having BGenius’s dedicated support systems behind you.


At TAI, we have taken the guesswork out of the business. The questions you may have when opening your center have already been faced hundreds of times by our franchisees, and we've learned from these decisions, right and wrong. We've figured out what a franchisee should do to become successful and how to do it. This in part has become our strategy: harnessing the knowledge acquired by the whole for the use of the individual—and conveying this information to our franchisees efficiently.

Questions we address:

How it works:

Specially trained TAI success trainers are on-hand to provide instruction and lots of warm encouragement. Workbooks are designed to be funny and engaging, never difficult.

By letting children figure out problems for themselves, we help them build confidence. By having a success trainer close by, they don't get overly frustrated.

Students receive the quality instruction they deserve while franchisees benefit from decreased labor costs and an increased potential profit margin. Parents gain by paying less than they would for traditional tutoring—with comparable results.


We have invested heavily in cutting edge technology to help our students thrive. We have used 2D and 3D animation tools and sound engineering to create simulations of the topics through short cartoon films that students love to watch. Students grasps the concepts automatically and thus the program instructor is only required to check if the students have understood the concepts thoroughly through worksheets and games thus making the process extremely fun and exciting. We have also used technology to create our own online whiteboard system to engage students and teachers even outside classrooms.

Improvement Tracking

Various quality checks are routinely carried out to maintain the highest of standards at every TAI Center.

These include:

Grand Opening Support

An experienced TAI representative provides on-site assistance to guide you through the launch process through a grand opening marketing program and we will conduct multiple seminars for you to kickstart the center with a blast.

Our Grand opening Support includes:

On-going Support

You can contact our TAI support staff at any time to assist you with day-to day operating matters. Additionally, a TAI representative will visit your branch periodically to review progress and provide any assistance you may need. We will also help you analyze your project to determine where you are strong and where you can improve and we will extend the support to strengthen your business on a regular basis.