Are You and TAI a Good Fit?

Successful TAI franchisees have the following traits:


You are willing to live in or near the TAI Center Territory that interests you.

You are willing to spend atleast 50% of your time working on your business.


Passion for bringing out the maximum potential from each child (as a parent,from work experience etc)

Want to do something meaningful within your community.

Want to make money and willing to work hard for it.


Well capitalized (or you have a partner or investor who is)

Minimum liquidity of $62000; minimum net worth of $ 150000.


Though not necessary,business experience(specially in sales of a service is highly preffered).

Good leadership skills and technology savvy is a must.

We have special program for first time entrepreneurs to prepare them for success.


Do I have the financial capability?

One of the greatest benefits to owning a TAI Franchise is that it requires only a small capital investment.

All you need is a net worth of $150,000 and liquid capital of $62,000 to open your own center and begin making an immediate impact on your community.

Apply now to know exact estimates of investment from our Franchisee Development Team for your country.


Will I like being my own boss?

The success one can achieve as a TAI Franchisee is virtually limitless. As the administrator of your own center, you determine how many students you are willing to take on, how often you meet and how many assistants you will have on staff. In other words, you control your own destiny – a claim that few professionals can honestly make.

What are your personal Goals while buying a TAI Franchisee?

What other brand or industries have you considered as a franchising option?

Do I have passion for my community?

Being connected locally and possessing a strong comfort level when marketing to your area will be a critical factor in your success as a TAI Franchisee

Do I need a background in education?

Though experience in the education world can be valuable, it is certainly not a requirement to becoming a TAI Franchisee. However, an undergraduate college degree is required.

What support services do you expect from us?

How do you plan to expand TAI in your local market?