Training Expenses

Training Agreement Deposit Fee – For all first-time TAI Franchisees, a single payment of $2500 will go to TAI for the Training Kit for Start-Up Training. We will apply the Deposit Fee towards your Initial Franchise Fee if you successfully complete Start-Up Training and sign a Franchise Agreement.

Expenses While TrainingExpenses you will be required to pay may include transportation, lodging, meals and other costs. The amount of these expenses will depend on your proximity to your Branch office, TAI Head Office and to the Bgenius Center we have approved for your training.

Franchise Fees

Initial Franchisee Fees – $2,000 if you are obtaining your first TAI Center Franchise.

Initial Purchase of Materials – $1,000 will be required for the purchase of materials needed to operate your TAI Center, such as instruction answer books, student achievement tests, student placement tests and promotional flexes and glowsign.

How are you planning to fund your Franchisee?

What is your Primary Financial Objective in Owning a TAI Franchisee?

Initial Investment

Initial Investment for starting a TAI Center in the United States ranges from $62,187 to $149,319 (TAI Canada Initial Investment ranges from $62,870 to $158,390). In India a TAI center normally needs an investment in ranges $ 10000 to $ 20000.

Your Local TAI Representative will help you determine where your center opening will fall in that range.